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111 3rd Ave NW,
Buffalo Center, Iowa 50424
641-562-2921 -fax
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North Iowa Community School

North Iowa Community School Registration

If your child attended 4-Year-Old Preschool--11th grade at North Iowa during the previous school year, much of the registration will be done electronically. Information you provided last year will already be completed on the screen. You will need to look it over carefully and update information as needed. Computers will be available during Walk-In Registration in August and in the elementary, middle school and high school offices after that. You may also complete it at home.

GENERAL REGISTRATION for all students: (instructions at bottom of this page) If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office at 641-562-2525.

We have found that different web browsers react differently to the fillable/savable PDFs.
This may change as each browser updates periodically, but CURRENTLY this is what we see. Registration Fees Payment:
    1. Mail in payment with forms.
    2. Bring payment to school.
    3. Pay online using PaySchools.
PaySchools is a service that is provided for payments such as registration fees, yearbooks,
lunch account and sports passes directly from your home computer using a credit or debit card.

Meal Deposits:
    1. Separate checks are requested for lunch deposits
    2. Make deposit through PaySchools. (will need Parent Login info --
    call 641-562-2525 if you do not know your password)
To fill out forms on computer:
    1. Click on form
    2. Type information into form
    3. Save as (Choose PDF)
    *Save in a place you can easily find it such as your documents or your desktop.
    *Save to a new name using your last name.
    *Each form will need a separate file name.
    4. Print forms to hand deliver, mail to school at address below, or email as attachments to: (
To hand write forms:
    1. Click on forms listed (one at a time)
    2. Print forms--double sided if your printer has this feature
    3. Fill out by hand
    4. Hand deliver to school or mail to school:

    North Iowa Community School
    PO Box 510
    111 3rd Ave. NW
    Buffalo Center, IA 50424
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No family pays more than $40 a month. Some families pay nothing at all.
Apply at:

NOTE: To view and print the PDF you must obtain and install the Acrobat Reader,
available at no charge from Adobe Systems.