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North Iowa Community School

Middle School Website Student Announcements
Welcome to North Iowa Middle School!

The staff at NIMS is dedicated to your child's academic, social, physical and emotional development. The curricular and extracurricular activities are designed to maximize the potential of each child. To be successful, students will have good attendance, be respectful of themselves and others, complete assigned work and attempt to be involved in as many a school activities as possible. As parents we encourage you to be involved in your child's educational life and support NIMS in our efforts.

Keri Bergeson7-12
Jill SchutjerK-Prep - 6 Principal / Curriculum Coordinator
Support StaffParaprofessionals
Lisa MathahsMS Admin
Arin AndersonTechnology / Media Specialist
Deb Aukes
Melissa Bennett English Language Arts
Steve Bergeson Art
Devyn Briggs Family & Consumer Science / Business
Brittney Christianson Special Education / Reading
Sara Hamilton Special Education
Chad Hinders P.E./Health
Jerry Holbrook Vocal Music
Shelby Holbrook Band
Brad Huntington Guidance Counselor 7-12
Laine Matson Math
Cheri Mayland Media Center
Cindy Miller Home School Program
Rick Meyer Vocational Agriculture
Ryan Moretz Social Studies
Sue Peake TAG
Micah Peters English Language Arts
Kim Price Guidance Counselor K-Prep -- 6th
Roxanne Steffensen P.E./Health
Julia Storby Spanish
LeAnn Torney Science
Kelly Ruth Winter Teacher Leadership